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Living with mesothelioma and the treatment requires life changes. It is important that you eat well. Many individuals are surprised by the type of nutrition recommended for mesothelioma patients. We are accustomed to a culture where low-calorie food is highly acclaimed. However cancer patients are usually recommended to eat nourishing food with a high caloric value. This is very important since your body needs a lot of energy to fight the disease. Adequate food may also help to fight the side effects of treatment.

Mesothelioma takes a lot of your energy and so it is important to limit your activities and take adequate rest. Some light exercise may however be helpful.

Chemotherapy drugs can have a temporal effect on your bone marrow and may so cause a reduction in the red blood cells. It is important that you limit you activities, sleep adequately and eat a proper diet. White blood cells count may also fall. These cells fight infections and so by a drop in the count of these cells your body will be less able to fight any infection. Appropriate measures must be taken to avoid any infection.

Perhaps of all the side effects of the treatment it is hair loss that is most visible and most patients may be very anxious about this. There are ways of how to deal with this problem.

It is also important not to get pregnant during treatment because this can severely affect your baby. Men who are having treatment must also not make their women pregnant because their sperms may be damaged. Further more it is important to be informed about the effect of the treatment on fertility. Some treatments may make the patient infertile permanently. So it is important to get all the information required in order to take informed decisions.

Mesothelioma patients may have pain. Pain has a large bearing on one's quality of life and so it is very important that it is adequately controlled. There are various methods that can ease your pain.