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Being diagnosed with a serious illness like mesothelioma is both frightening and stressful. It is important however to stay calm and remember that you have to deal with the illness not only on the physical level but also on a psychological and spiritual level. You have to take appropriate care and control of your emotions. Although initially you may feel overwhelmed with negative emotions remember that things will start to be clearer the more you learn about the disease. People take different time to adapt to the new situation but eventually they will adapt.

Family members and friends can help you a lot to deal with your problems. It is so important to communicate effectively with them.  There are also support groups and councelling services. Individuals in a support group have had or are passing from the same experience as yours. So they can be an invaluable resource of information for mesothelioma patients. A counselor may also help you to sort your feelings and to deal with your particular situation.

It is important to check what your medical insurance covers. Medical insurance policies are not the same and it is important to be clear what your medical insurance covers and what it does not cover. This should be done prior to starting treatment. Remember that mesothelioma cancer treatment may be quite expensive.

During your diagnosis and treatment you may be bombarded with a lot of information and medical records. You will also have to visit different types of physicians. Therefore it is important to keep a copy of all your medical records and present a copy of them when you visit a physician.